2020 NEC Classic Motor Show cancelled


Show Director Lee Masters explained: “The current Covid-19 climate has created uncertainty for both our exhibitors and visitors. With the weeks now counting down towards our open date we have taken the difficult decision to postpone this year’s event.”

“As a team, we are extremely disappointed as we have done everything within our power to try and make it happen. We want to thank all our partners, clubs, exhibitors, visitors and suppliers who have supported our endeavours to bring the show to you this year. We understand that this decision will be a disappointment to many people who eagerly await the Classic Motor Show each year and look forward to when we can get together again.”

“We would particularly like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the clubs and their members who, despite the current situation, were willing to support the show this November. To be fair to everyone, we will be inviting all clubs to reapply to be a part of the Classic Motor Show 12-14 November 2021. Further details will be issued later in the Autumn.”

The J, J/B & 101 Register

As announced in the last newsletter, Review 50, the time has come to ‘pull the plug’ on the newsletter in its printed paper format. The intention is to put out digital Reviews to a mailing list of anyone who is interested. These newsletters will be on a casual basis, going out as and when there is enough to justify pressing the ‘Send’ button. They would be created in such a way as to be printable, so that those enthusiasts who like to things paper-based will still be able to do so via a series of A4 sheets. It will rely on enthusiasts sending in J-related stuff to include. Review 50 showed that it is possible to find lots of interest out there.
There are ongoing expenses that occur with running the Register so we are asking for a payment of £5 per annum to be on the mailing list. Additional donations will be welcome.
          Please do get in touch if you have any concerns, queries, or something suitable for future editorial content.

Members please note:  Contact HQ for details of the password for the Members-only areas of the website.

As well as the obvious buttons across the top, the ‘chassis plate’-shaped box on the right contains additional buttons for numerous additional galleries of photographs and information. The ‘Morris-Commercial’, ‘Morris’ and ‘Austin’ badges to the right are also buttons which give access to galleries of preserved vans. Over a period of time we are hoping to load a photo for every known surviving van, but it will take some time to complete. Currently there are photographs/pages for 341 different vans in the galleries – 178 ‘J’ types, 134 J/Bs and 29 101s, with a few more to be loaded as and when time permits or as and when details of survivors new to the Register are sent in!

Including individual van pages in the galleries, there are more than 300 pages to be found, plus the Blog. We’ve passed the 1000-mark in photographs loaded, including many additions to the pages in the ‘History‘ section, some of which are password protected Register members-only pages.

Please note: Photographs on this website have been watermarked, not to imply ownership in any way but to indicate this website as the source.  The copyright of any photograph supplied for use by the Register on this website or in the Newsletter will remain with its owner. It is often not easy to attribute ownership of any individual photo, but where possible we will indicate such.

The J-type Register was formed to:

1.    Gather and collate information about the history of the vans

2.    List known survivors (photos of over 340 different survivors are on the website)

3.    Act as a central pool of information regarding spares and restoration

4.   Encourage the use of these wonderful light commercials for the maximum enjoyment of owners and enthusiasts everywhere.

Classic Van an Pick-up gaydon-2016


J-types from THREE continents were on display on the Register stand at Gaydon 2016.




The Register has had a small batch of top hoses made for J/Bs and 101 vehicles. These are not suitable for s.v. J-types.

They’re £14.00 plus postage. They could of course be collected from HQ if nearby anytime, or from Gaydon if either of the commercial shows there are attended.