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Our Register caters for owners and enthusiasts of just one vehicle- the Morris-Commercial ‘J’ type, and its later variants – the Morris J/B and the Austin 101. We publish newsletters full of ‘J’ type stuff, and pride ourselves on the quality that we have achieved over the years, confident in our belief that our members are well served as far as news and other information is concerned. We also do our best to help members find spares for their vans and answer postal and telephone enquiries regarding membership, insurance valuations, details required for the retention of original registrations or acquisition of age-related number plates, + the many enquiries that we have from owners needing help in proving the age of their vehicle – in order that the benefit of Road Tax-exemption is gained.

We would like to thank Register member Peter Kent for his efforts with the previous site. With his help, the Register had a presence on the internet, which allowed owners and enthusiasts throughout the world to find us.

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