It was quite common for ‘J’ types to have B series engines and 4-speed gearboxes fitted during their working life, because of the considerable improvements that this brought. Sometimes very early vans are found to have the later type axle.

In a similar quest for improvement, and bearing in mind the changing traffic conditions and the fact that these vans are rarely used for the sort of local delivery work for which they were designed, many owners make further changes to their vans. We know of:

A ‘J’ pick-up with 1500 B series diesel and an auto box.

An Austin 101 with an 1800cc Freight Rover engine and 5-speed box.

A 101 with an 1800cc B series engine from a Morris Marina coupled to a Ford Sierra 5-speed box.

A custom J/B with all of the running gear from a Ford Granada, along with its 2.8 V6 engine and auto box.

A custom J with a Holden V8 and Mitsubishi L300 running gear.

A ‘J’ with 1800cc MG engine (still basically a B series) mated to its MG 4-speed box with overdrive.

To make the ‘J’ and J/B more suitable for longer journeys, owners have been known to swap the crown wheel and pinion in the diff. for a more suitable ratio.