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Sept 1998. An in-depth review of the 50th Anniversary Rally at Wythall + other rallies. Colour centrespread of 50th Anniversary Rally.

Spring 1999. Archive info on Robertsons of Bramley + ‘Pilgrimage to Birmingham by ‘J’ type’ by Reg Chapman – his recollections of attending the 50th Anniversary Rally + ‘Briefly it all went pear-shaped’ by Geoff Fishwick, on Morris~Commercial post-war styling. Colour centrespread from early brochure.

Summer 1999. ‘Mr. Jolly’s ‘J’ type’ re van in film ‘Almost’ + RLB 778, rebuilt by apprentices at LDV vans + ‘Into a lead free Millennium’ + various rallies. Colour centrespread of Tatton Park.

Winter 1999. Review of the year’s rallies +’An afternoon on the island’ about spending a day on the Isle of Wight with 5003 NX + ‘Cookiebits’ – various repair panels made by Ken Cooke. Colour centrespread of XMT 899 at Goodwood Revival.

Spring 2000. ‘Export or Die’ – two archive shots of ‘J’ types in Singapore + ‘Back on the road’ about rebuilding 422 DJO and getting it roadworthy + ‘A Baker’s Dozen’ – thirteen photographs of Bakery-owned ‘J’ types from our archives. No colour spread in this issue.

Summer 2000. ‘Music for Ice Cream Chimes’ a composition by Nigel Goss for eight musicans, four ice cream vans and four ice cream tricycles, premiered as part of the BBC’s Music Live. Two of the Ice Cream vans were J-types! Rally reviews. Duotone centrespread of archive shot of GPO Royal Mail van at Northampton Castle Station, 1965.

Winter 2000. ‘Another Baker’s Dozen’ – thirteen more photographs of Bakery-owned ‘J’ type from our archives + ‘The hot ‘J’ that turned lukewarm’ by Iain Booth, on the restoration of his van + Rally diary for 2001. Colour centrespread of archive shot of GPO Royal Mail van at Malden East and Heybridge Station in August 1964 + A Christmas ‘J’ type photograph from Peter Bateman.

Spring 2001. ‘Forte’s 1951 Festival of Britain’ with details of the brightly-coloured ‘J’ types used to distribute supplies within the Festival Pleasure Gardens + ‘they crop up everywhere’ on collecting ‘J’ type ephemera. Colour centrespread of 344 CNM following its rebuild + colour archive shot of J-type at Shell Research Centre Cheshire + signwritten ‘J’ type poster by Ken Cooke.

Late Summer 2001. Reviews of Tatton Park annual get-together and other rallies + ‘Dr. Bob’s Heart Transplant’ by Bob Sandford, on replacing a 1500cc B series engine for a later 1800cc one + ‘I could have helped build this one’, three ex-Morris~Commercial employees met at rallies + ‘Junior J-typing’ -efforts from the next generation of enthusiasts. Colour centrespread ~ 2001 a Bunshi odyssey, the ‘Fish4’ campaign featuring EVG 79.

Christmas 2001/New Year 2002. ‘Dr Bob’s Ultimate?’ on the restoration of YLH 789, Chris Bowkett’s Royal Mail van + ‘The Wight Stuff’ about ‘J’ types on the Isle of Wight + review of the NEC Classic Motor Show by Graham Daniels + ‘The White Stuff’ on the restoration of an Ice Cream Van by Whitby Engineering + ‘Another ‘J’ saved’, describing the recovery of a van from Malvern. Colour centrespread of Colin Ellis’ GPO Royal Mail van in the snow.

Spring 2002. Around the Rallies; ‘Josephene the ‘J’ type Pick-up’ – an article by Frank Horton about his pride and joy; ‘J-van mods’ by Reg Chapman – a cure for a leaky steering box; ‘Junior J-typing’ – a write up of NYC 708’s participation in the Taunton New Year’s Day road run; “Get in the back of the van’ – a review of Classic Commercial’s Morris-Commercial PV black Maria in 1:43 scale; ‘Bjorn’s Swedish import’ on Bjorn Stennson’s successful export of a GPO planner’s van. A4 colour insert of ‘J’ type on the Isle of Wight against the setting sun.

Very very late Summer 2002. The Celtic Old Vehicle Owners Club brings its ‘J’ type to England for its annual road run; review of Tatton ‘02; Around the Rallies; ‘Junior J-typing’ – some illustrations by our younger members; ‘Getting it Wight!’ – James Bissell-Thomas writes of his Austin 101 5-speed conversion.

Christmas 2002. Steve Taylor’s rebuild of a GPO planner’s van; review of the Register participation at the Classic Car Show ‘02 at the NEC; an unusual find – a restorable J/B in as found condition; Dispatches from NZ’s South Island – Dave Ellis’s ‘Boon’s Bakery’ van; ‘Gibraltar or Bust’ – Register member Paul Wood takes his GPO Minor on a long journey.

Springtime 2003. ‘Sidelights’ – on the changeover from square to round sidelights on the early ‘J’ type; Around the Rallies; ‘A Camping carry-on’ – Rod Harper recalls days with a ‘J’ type filled with camping gear; ‘TLC’ – an Austin Milk Float bought on ebay; ‘The Quarter of Tea’ – a ‘J’ type once on the Shetland Isles. A3 colour insert of Esso Lubrication Guide for the ‘J’ type.

Summer Sunshine 2003. Chris Pemberton sends photos of ‘J’ types and an Austin 101 from his archives; review of Tatton ‘03; more ‘TLC’ – a restorable ex-Scottish Co-op J found in a saveable condition; ‘Keeping the Wheels Turning – on the efforts of the GPO to maintain their fleet; more about sidelights; reminiscences from Roger Brawn about his Dad’s van. A4 colour insert, an illustration of a ‘double-decker ‘J’ type’ by talented Daniel Rodd, aged 14.

Winter 2003. ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ – the trials and tribulations of being a postman driver in the bad weather; photographs from the archives of Henry Feay of the van he used to transport his racing bike to events in the early ‘60s; ‘New Zealand reports’ – Iain Booth updates us on the NZ scene; Around the Rallies; ‘I think it may be a ‘J’ type van’ – how the Canadian company that manufacture the anti-histamine Reactine used a ‘J’ type in their advertising. A4 colour insert of Iain Booth’s ‘J’ type photographed in Christchurch.

Springtime 2004. Rally info ‘04; ‘The Ice Cream Machine’ a review of the channel Five children’s series starring a J-type Ice Cream Van; J Haylor writes oft his childhood memories of his Dad’s J-type; two unusual photographs of racing ‘bikes with J-types in the background.

An extra one 2004. A special issue put out to inform members of the sale by auction of an unusual coachbuilt J/B baker’s van; ‘Work in Progress’ featured the ongoing restorations of vans owned by Roland Turner and Andy Joyce.

Summertime’s gone 2004. J/B oil filter conversions; Around the Rallies, Gaydon revue, Morris-Commercial Club Rally at Oxford, Tatton Park and others; A J/B with Central Locking, update on Iain Booth’s fine van; ‘Sexy’ moves – the transporting of SXY 262 to its new home; the restoration of ice cream van 9284 WB by Tartaglia’s + colour A4 of Canadian Reactine advert featuring a ‘J’ type.

Christmas 2004. ‘To sell or not to sell’ ruminations on his decision, by Grum Swales; Around the Rallies, revue of NEC Classic Car Show stand and other rallies; ‘So do you see the resemblance?’ on a link between the Renault Espace and the ‘J’ type; 12-seater minibus adverts compared; + colour A4 of Colin Ellis’ Royal Mail van in the snow; + colour A4 of The Ice Cream Machine’ shots to go with article in Review issue 17.