The Classic Motor Show NEC 2011

We have just heard that we have been successful in having been allocated a stand at the 2011 Classic Motor Show at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England. The show is on the 11th, 12th and 13th of November. Our stand is 4C110 in Hall 4 directly opposite the Minor LCV Register.

We realise how difficult organising an event like this must be, and this year a record 220 car clubs will be represented. Our thanks to the staff at Clarion Events for their continued support.

A reunion with ‘Chug-a-boom’

In the photo, from left to right, are Anthony, Wendy, Lou, Sam and Bjorn. Wendy contacted the Register a month ago asking about  317 BXY, her dad’s van many years ago. She had found the photo on our website and following my reply, wrote: ” my Dad will be so pleased to hear all this as he often talks about it… I was born 1964 and remember it from early on, he bought it for £40 having a large brood of six kids to cart about and we went on many happy holidays in the van”. Wendy’s dad now lives in Texas, but she was able to tell him that the van survives and said in a following email “he’s thrilled we’ve managed to track the van down and to know that it didn’t go to the scrap heap”.

Wendy’s contact with us was timely, it coincided with Bjorn, owner of 317 BXY, coming to the UK for a few weeks – in the van! It was arranged that we would all meet up at Wendy’s so that she could see the van for the first time in many years. Wendy also invited along Lou and Sam. Sam worked for the GPO and serviced many J’s including BXY, and was instrumental in the van becoming part of Wendy’s family. Sam couldn’t believe how well the van was, telling Bjorn all manner of interesting bits about his time servicing the vehicles. It was a wonderful, emotional few hours, I’m so pleased to have had a part in it.

Bjorn has now met up with all but one of the previous owners of BXY (deputising Wendy for her dad) and the one remaining previous owner, a relative of Wendy’s, will apparently be in Sweden for a wedding over summer.

This really is the worldwide web working at its best. These contacts would not have been made were it not for Wendy finding the details on our website.

And ‘Chug-a-boom’? It was what the kids called the van!

Amazin’ lowridin’ J!

Intrepid J-reporter and J-finder general Peter Bateman has established that this van is in Australia. A photo had previously been seen on a European website, so it was thought it was nearer to the UK. As it is it is about four hours drive from Sydney so PB expects eventually to have an excuse to go see it.

It can be seen from one of the photos that chassis work has been carried out to enable it to ride low (maybe not as low as in the photos, surely) so it might just be a sensational custom when finished. Let’s hope the owner finds the enthusiasm to complete this unusual project.

A J-type in great company!

Peter Bateman forwarded this photo of E Hayes Hardware’s J-type van, in Invercargill, New Zealand. The photo was taken by Andrew Blacklock, whilst in NZ.

And why is it in great company? Because E Hayes and Co also own ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ – the much modified Indian Scout that Burt Munro took to Bonneville Salt Flats and on which he gained a world record – that stands to this day, apparently! Also owned is a 1936 Velocette MSS, again much-modified by Burt, and thought to be the fastest Velocette in the World!

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