Tatton Park 2011 Review

Another J-type get-together at Tatton Park has been and gone. The Register has had a display of vehicles for 21 consecutive years. On display over the weekend were: 344 CNM, 5003 NX, 749 VRF, 8444 UA and 224 TRE. There will not be a 22nd with any Register support!

On the Sunday, one of our members, who had driven his van, 572 CKC, over from Birkenhead, was denied entry at the gate despite having the correct paperwork, because he was late. This was someone who, despite the inclement weather, had made the decision to drive to the show anyway only to be told he could park his classic in the car park and pay for himself and his wife to go in. I can imagine his reply, and fully understand his decision to turn round and drive home. It would show disloyalty to him and to the effort he made to attend if we carried on as normal and booked in again next year.

He, and many, many other exhibitors, were late due to the woefully inept system that the marshalls have to work to, where all exhibitors have to come through a single vehicle access gate. Long queues inevitably form. Vehicles in this queue, late because of a system put in place by the organisers, should not then be turned away…

If anyone has any thoughts on an alternative venue, please let us know. The annual get-together must carry on.