585 TFM nears completion

Register members Pam and Bob Mulholland recently sent photos of their Austin 101, painted and ready to put back together. It is hoped that 585 TFM will attend a few 2012 rallies, possibly including the Gaydon Classic Commercial Display.

Latest from Down Under

Another Oz J type is to change custodianship.  The van which originally was from Wangaratta in Victoria is  leaving Steve Hartnell’s care and travelling the 2500 Km’s to Sydney to become a very pampered van for my plumber!   Steve has been looking after this van for many years and it has travelled from Victoria to Darwin and then on to Cairns.
Before leaving North Queensland, Alan Hurst, the custodian of JB 46632 (the Sahara van-Bertha) went to take the attached photographs.  Not bad eh?  Look at the atlas and check out Cairns.  It is in Queensland, Australia and is closer to Papua New Guinea than to the state capital, Brisbane.  And here, we see two J type vans!  Almost like the Scarlet Pimpernel!

Peter Bateman Sydney February 7, 2012