Another van in Canada!

We have had contact from  a J-owner in Canada, who found our website. He writes:

“I have J type van totally complete, not siezed. I aquired it about 10 years ago and is in storage till I find time to work on it. The question I have is this. The van has the clutch and brake as per usual but the throttle is in between these pedals in the centre. What can you tell me about these vans, how to determine year etc. I live in Saskatchewan Canada. This truck was used from new as a delivery truck for a local Co-op, I believe as a part of the war pay back program to pay off British debt. Any info would be appreciated, thanks Tony”.

This is a very rare left-hand drive J-type, of which only a handful survive! An early Dutch van, NF.85.99, which attended the ’50th Anniversary Celebrations also had a centre accelerator pedal. It would take a lot of getting used to! Tony has since supplied the van’s chassis number, which indicated a build date of March 1953. Thanks for the info Tony. Please stay in touch.



LVR 340, Levaggi’s J-type ice cream van

This photo was for sale on ebay recently. It shows a Kenning’s-built J-type ice cream van, registration number LVR 340, in Levaggi’s fleet. Hand-written on the back of the photograph is the date July 10th 1954, which means that these two bridesmaids will be in their mid- to late sixties! Tempus fugit.