362 days… and counting!

I took 5003 NX along to the Father’s Day Event at Wythall Transport Museum. Which means that it’s now less than a year until the 65th Anniversary get-together in 2013. It’ll be at Wythall again, they did such a great job of helping to host the ’50th and ’60th. And being Father’s day on the Sunday there’ll be classic bus rides to be enjoyed, as well as other attractions. Forget counting the days ’til the Olympics, this is the one to get excited about!

J-Register Get-together 2012

Gaydon Classic Commercial Show, 2012. Very mixed weather was the main aspect of Saturday at Gaydon, whilst the sun broke through on the Sunday and made for a great get-together. Vans in attendance were J/Bs 5003 NX, 495 YUB, 8444 UA, 949 BYY and 749 VRF; whilst flying the flag for the Austin side of the Register was 101 van, 585 TFM.

Members and owners/enthusiasts in attendance included, in no particular order, Bob Wall, Ray Herritts, Ray Kings, John Davies, Pam and Bob Mulholland, Dave Raven, Peter and Helen Smith, Dennis Bradley and Harvey Pitcher.

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Blog: Jubilee J-types!

At least two Morris J/B vans have enjoyed the Jubilee Celebrations over the first weekend of June. Roland Turner’s OBL 432 was used as advertising run up to the local village party on Saturday afternoon and evening, whilst the Pitcher family’s 5003 NX stood on display outside Birmingham Council House for a weekend of celebrations. Are there any other vans out there that took part in the Royal Celbrations? If so, we’d love to see photos which we could add to this blog.