Blog: A J-type, only smaller!

JB/46628 is a very lucky J type. Phil Knight (the custodian) has been a model maker and model builder in his ‘spare’ time since forever!  You know ‘spare time’,… time as in,  going on holidays with the family, watching ‘uninteresting’ television,  waiting for the kettle to boil or even  the time other folk spend gasping on a ciggy? Phil’s model collection is best calculated by mathematicians but it does cover the walls of his workroom, study and large family lounge room. Comprehensive is a good word.
His latest feat is a JB, 1960 he says but I think he just went outside and measured up JB 46628.  This photograph is of  the ‘master’ body. There are about 36 other parts which go to make up the final kit, even the instrument binnacle is a stand alone piece.
A chap will need to devote a skilled hand to get Phil’s results but he assures me I could do it!  I will need to be a very ‘controlled’ cove indeed.  The detailing is commendable. Remember whilst looking at the van body in this snap everything has been made from scratch. Don’t bother to enquire of the hours spent.  It’s only Phil’s “spare time”! Oh, the production run should start in late August.
Check out  Phil has done the master for his chum who owns the Partsbox and the model will be sold only thru them. Members might have some ‘spare time’. Peter Bateman

Tony Clipstone: A sad loss


Tony Clipstone, the owner of J/R 649, the earliest known running  J-type in the world, lost a courageous battle against cancer in Adelaide on the 15th July, 2012. He was 68.

Clipstone had a lifelong love of his beloved Morris vehicles and was the proud custodian of a Z van, a Minor van, an LC3 and an LC5. But his prize and passion was J/R 649.  The LC5 fitted Tony’s madcap sense of humour as it enabled him to exercise his passion for the character of Claude Greengrass from the television program Heartbeat.  His exploits at rallies and parties dressed as “Claude” were renowned.

It will forever be to Tony’s credit that J/R 649 has been preserved in original condition and unaltered. 

Tony Clipstone was defined by his wit, humanity and sincerity.  By profession he was a pharmacist.  All comers were greeted with his openness and engaging personality. They were far too droll if they left without a smile.  In the late ’90s, Tony ventured from his comfortable Adelaide home to live and work in the UK, as a pharmacist in North Wales.  As an Aussie, he was able to entertain and bring a smile to the most crook (Aussie speak for unwell!) of Poms. Most found this bloke far too much fun and returned to his counter with any excuse for another remedy.  He made friends easily and made all feel valued.

His farewell will be at Meadows, in the Adelaide Hills, and it is expected that the place will be overflowing.  J/R 649 will of course, take pride of place. Tony Clipstone touched many; a  gentleman whom it was an honour to have known. Tony is survived by his wife Wendy and mother Peg. Peter Bateman

J-owner Mike Slaney writes to inform us of the loss of another Australian J-owner and enthusiast, Chris Jackman, owner of an ex-Cripps Bakery J, now liveried as Jackman McRoss Bakers, which can be seen at Chris died suddenly at home, aged 42. He was a talented chef and mad about classic cars. 


Blog: Ardingly 2012

Five Js and an Austin 101 line up at Ardingly over the weekend of the 8th/9th July. Well done to all the owners, this is a great sight to see!

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