Blog: Sydney’s Rat Day 2012

Kelly Ashton’s V8 J type makes Rat Day 2012 

It was promised in this blog many months ago that Sydney’s annual GoodGuys Rat Day would sport three J type vans. Optimism was there in spades but reality showed me to have fibbed. There in a dusty well worn patch of Gnawley Park, Taren Point was a large group of spectators paying compliments to only one J type van.  Kelly Ashton’s Ford V8 powered J.   Kelly had his J type exhibited “in the build” and what a crowd it pulled. Kelly was almost hoarse after fielding questions and compliments for four hours. As seems normal these days someone will turn up and wax lyrical about having a J in the past or one in the shed. This time it was Kelly who dragged me out of the crowd shouting “Pete, Pete here quick. This bloke knows of a few vans” and he proceeded to list this one and that and I just had to say, “You must be Steve Day”…Yes! the bloke almost fainted. Steve was the chap I bought JB 41717 from in 1981. We all had a jovial time but I could not get any “new” finds on that day.
Much work is still to be done on Kelly’s V8 J but that first showing has been & gone and the next one will come with SOUND!
I wake each morning wondering if today is that One day….
Peter Bateman – Syd’sKnee – Oz

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