Blog: Melbourne J-type get-together

Peter Bateman is organising a get-together of as many Js as possible in Melbourne on April 27th, 2013. Peter would like any owner who might be able to take part to contact him via

The location for the 65th J anniversary photograph in Melbourne is at the old Harrington Bakery site at 499 Canterbury Road, Vermont, 3133, on Saturday April 27, 2013. Please arrive around Mid-Day to be ready for photography at 13.00 hours (1PM). There is heaps of parking for a trailer or tow car.
Contact Peter Bateman –

Peter also tells us “The 100 year anniversary of Morris is being celebrated in Australia with a National Morris rally in Canberra on April 19, 20 & 21 and there are some J’s being organised by moi which intend to be at the display day on Saturday, April 20.  Considering it is a 600Km round trip of which about 100 K HAS to be on a Motorway, this is a heart in mouth and deafening experience which I will be enjoying in full… …after/when I have returned!”