The Melbourne Get-together

12 vans and three J type Grilles turned out for the photograph and barbecue, and a JuBilant time was had by all!

65th Melbourne photoshoot
Large prints of the Melbourne display and the forthcoming Sydney get-together will be on display at Wythall. Peter has also promised two or three additional large prints to put into a ‘silent auction’ to generate funds for the Register. Thanks Peter, they’ll be most welcome.

Somewhat tongue in cheek Peter also writes:

“To celebrate 65th anniversary of the J van, I flew from Sydney to Melbourne last weekend to photograph a group shot of Melbourne vans and their custodians. At short notice, 12 vans and three J type grille panels turned out for the photograph and barbecue, a JuBilant time was had by all. I’m planning to do the same here in Sydney. We Sydneysiders do not have that many J’s but MOST go vroom – vroom.

This has got me thinking. Based on the Australian population being 23 million (as of last Tuesday!) I will have (on photographic paper at Wythall) I reckon 22 vans – nearly one van per million of the population. Now the UK has a population of 63 million, so I reckon it will be a win for the Aussies if you lot fail to get 63 vans to the Register’s 65th bash at Wythall on June 15 and 16, 2013. Come along to Wythall and view the photographs of some Australian J type vans.”

Anyone else out there got anything to add to a ‘silent auction’?