A long-overdue blog about the 2013 Goodwood Revival, a great weekend marred only by bouts of inclement weather.

There were 5 vans in attendance at the Revival, the RAc’s LDG 584, Kenwood’s LVJ 61, Hardy Engineering’s 221 EMF, Glynn Wiseman’s 344 CNM and 5003 NX, with two more to be found in the car parks, Peter Page’s Austin 101 MSK 194 and Bob Wall’s MJW 43.

Goodwood, Sunday: J/B van 5003 NX parked outside the Classic and Sports Car 'Newsagency'





Goodguys Rat Day, Sydney

‘Top Unique’ trophy and 3 J’s at Rat Day!


The annual Goodguys Rat Day in Sydney attracted one of the largest turnout of cars and visitors today for the 2013 Fathers Day event. From one J type van in attendance last year, there were three today and Laurie Bellette’s V8 J won Top Unique!

Rat Day in Sydney is a special event. A day of radical workshop specials, the vehicles made of (sometimes) discarded automotive parts which cause a gasp when first glimpsed and followed by the question “how can that possibly run?” or HOW can THAT be driven?” It is a very diverse automotive display. Today was the usual great showing of VW Combi’s and rare American small trucks but this year the display included an assortment of British-based vehicles. Of great interest to the register were the three J types on display. Sydney’s now famous 350 Chev powered V8 J type van was there along with JB 41717 resplendent in original stature and Kelly Ashton’s V8 J. All vans were of interest to the public and it was fascinating to see people compare the vans side by side. The judges were also impressed, Laurie won the trophy for ‘Top Unique’.

Peter Bateman Sydney September 1, 2013