CARnivale 2014- Sydney Australia

Six J type vans drove to the Australia Day CARnivale display in Sydney on Sunday. I have to thank Andrew Trollope and Susan for coming all the way from Melbourne to drive a van to the event. Their help was great. All of the vans from 2013 attended and this year we had an addition of the old Norge Village Dry Cleaners van (featured on the cover of the J type book by D Allison and H Pitcher) in its new livery of the Sydney Packaging Company. This van has been nicely prepared and is now in daily use. It still has the Holden red motor it had when in Tasmania although the brakes and undercarriage have been improved.

I continue to be amazed at the positive sentiments the public has towards the J type. Many were only too happy to stop and tell their personal J type yarn and others just wanted to get into the drivers seat for a photo. I was told of a J which was deck cargo on a coastal steamer going around the Pacific Islands. When in port it was hoisted off onto dry land and provided transport for the crew whilst waiting for the cargo to be unloaded.

Also I was given a photo of Kelvin Mowtell and his company vehicle. It was J type in Ramset (NZ) livery. Kelvin still has great memories of that van. As a young surfer the J was a perfect company ‘car’ as on week-ends he simply popped his surf board and mates into the back and headed to the best breaks.


The 2015 CARnivale will see more J type vans. Let us aim for….

Peter Bateman Sydney January 2014

Australia Day 2014

Australia Day 2014 is on Sunday January 26 and if you are in Sydney and would like to see a running J type or three look for us at CARnivale in Macquarie Street, Sydney. We expect to be outside the Hyde Park Barracks as per last year. Should you be unable to attend please visit this page next week and see a post of our Sydney Juxtaposition!  Peter Bateman

Photo shows last year’s get-together!

Sydney Carnivale 2013: 5 J-type vans on display