New Zealand News!

J-enthusiast and ex-owner Iain Booth has emailed us this scan of a page in a recent publication.

Don’t all rush out to try and buy what appears to be a very reasonably priced van, we are told it has already sold!

If by any chance the new owner is reading this, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you and hope to add your van’s chassis number to our records. Congratulations on owning this lovely van, you have what is probably the bargain of the decade!

Graham Murray van for saleGraham Murray van in advert

More J-type model news

The February-May 2014 Oxford Diecast Release Programme contains THREE new models using the 1:76 (OO-gauge) J-type castings. These are:

76MJ005: Post Office Telephones Planning Van – From the photo this seems to be the first of the Oxford Diecast J-type models not to have the window rubber printing effect, and is much better for it!

76MJ006: Carters Steam Fair Ice Cream Van – This is a rework of the Facchino’s model, so does not look much like the real vehicle (see photo in gallery, which shows that the real vehicle – a Whitby replica – is wider-bodied and without rear wheelarches).

76MJ008: Southdown – From the photo this seems to repeat the flaws of their Royal Mail model (76MJ004), and to add a few more. The silver-printed window surrounds (on both models) are just ridiculous! These models also repeat a mistake made on the 1:43 scale Corgi model, by giving the models printed indications of semaphore turn indicators fitted into the bodywork by the trailing edge of each side door opening. When fitted (infrequently) these were fixed to the forward-facing edge of each opening. Difficult to model, but in the circumstances surely better to leave off than do incorrectly.

When the Register learnt that Oxford Diecast were considering making models of the J-type, every help was offered and their Design Manager even measured and photographed 5003 NX in the primary research process. There’s really no excuse for these models being anything other than accurate, except where manufacturing processes involve compromise.

There does not seem to be a 76MJ007 listed, more details as and when.

1:24 scale J-type model available

partsbox-J-driver's-sideThe 1:24th scale J-type model that was mastered by Phil Knight, one of our J-type owning Register members in Australia, is now available to purchase. It is listed for sale at as a complete kit (code number 1426), or body kit only (code number 1427). The body-only kit caters for those intrepid Aussies wishing to make a model of one of the custom J-types that exist over there. Prices are 1426: $82.50 + postage, and 1427: $35.20 + postage. I wonder how many of these kits will find their way to the UK?

If you are interested in purchasing one,

The models are also available on ebay, but at higher prices than those quoted by The Parts Box