What an interesting week!

Certainly time to add some interesting stuff that has turned up this week.

958 BTJ

Of major interest is a van previously unknown to the Register, which has surfaced after at least a decade in storage. It is a 1957-registered, low-mileage, one owner from new van prior to being purchased by its new owner. We await more details but do know it was one of a pair of vans used as ice cream vans although it doesnt have a raised roof. The standard steel body, which seems to be in remarkably good condition, has a serving hatch in the side windows. We are told that more info and photos are on their way…

From Australia Peter Bateman writes:

“Those blokes from Oz must have a special brew in their water supply. Only months after reporting the magnificent Queensland V6 J type Hot Rod (blog June 22, 2014) 1200 kilometres away in New South Wales another Morris JB van is being admired. The upholsterer Will Hughes not only has saved this van but is driving this 1958 JB EVERYWHERE!
Carrying the livery The Upholsterer is chassis # JB/R 41298 and was one of the Golden Crust Bakery fleet from Goulburn in southern NSW. It had been “grazing” in a paddock for many years when it was bought at auction with heaps of farm machinery. Will glimpsed it one dark night whilst it was being carted to his local metal recycler. One can only ponder the magic of chance on that important evening. Will grasped that serendipitous moment and now has a working gem, a beautiful restored JB”.

We have also received photos of PAF 764, the  ex-Bryn Jones’ van now carrying neat graphics for ‘A Steph Back in Time’. Thanks to Ken Bennett for these.

What a wedding car!

What a difference a week makes! Just seven days after owner Gary Sumner had to admit defeat with getting SLO 234 to Gaydon for the Classic Van and Pick-up Show, the beautifully restored Mail van performed the task of delivering the bride to church on time at the wedding of Lucie and Alwyn. What a great way to start married life!


From a pristine van to one in a sorry state. This photo was emailed to us by Lisa Snow in New Zealand. It shows a J-type involved in an accident in Napier, New Zealand. Ouch! Photo courtesy of Pete Bullivant.


A wet and windy Gaydon!

Members and enthusiasts can see that some owners braved the horrendous rain to attend the event. On the day we achieved four J/Bs and an Austin 101. In the circumstances it is surely remarkable that four of the vehicles were driven to the event, with only XRH, the Star of the Show, being trailered – with good reason – all the way down from Hull.

Our thanks to:

Heather Sumner for supplying the commemorative mugs and presentation plaque…

Abi Pitcher for creating the XRH cake, which everyone reckoned looked fantastic and tasted really nice…

Bez Pitcher for baking the cakes for Abi to create with..

Tom Caren, Show Manager at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, who is confident that the show will be repeated next year!

Thanks also to all the Register members and J-type enthusiasts who helped turn the couple of hours of dry weather in the afternoon into a special occasion for Ken Cooke, who has owned XRH for 50 years.

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Gaydon Classic Van and Pick-up Show

This weekend sees the first ever Classic Van and Pick-up Show at Gaydon in Warwickshire. The J-type Register will have a display there with, if all goes according to plan, two J-types, five J/Bs and Ken Cooke’s Austin 101. The Show neatly coincides with the 50th anniversary of Ken  purchasing his beloved van, XRH 885. This surely should be the star of the show!

Also in attendance are the Post Office Vehicle Club, The Morris~Commercial Club, The Transit Owners Club and many more.

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