The Australia Day display!

Eight is a momentous number.
Australia Day in Sydney was damp but it did not stop eight J-type vans driving to the annual CARnivale display in Macquarie Street Sydney. The Hyde Park Barracks was the backdrop to a record number of fully road going J-type vans in Australia for many years.

“Mr Baker”, the recently restored van sporting the livery ‘The Upholsterer’, had been in Sydney for a few days, following a seven hour tow from Cobargo on a hot 35C day. It was driven to the display on the chilly, damp Australia Day and was dripping water droplets all day. Its custodians capped off a great day with a concert at the Opera House.

Winning Appliances supplied two of their vans, a J and a J/B. Doyles of Watsons Bay, the famous Sydney restaurant, sent their J/B as did Sydney Packaging and Pipe Perfection Plumbing. J/B 41717, the ex ABBCO Bread van, was there and the Bellette family’s V8 J type Rat Rod kept the crowds captivated all day long.

We were impressed to meet a Welshman who told of driving J-types for the Wales Gas Co and another British holiday maker telling J-type tales of driving J-types for an electricity company in the South East of England. They did not seem to mind the damp conditions and neither did we. It is very noteworthy that every J-van on display has it’s own personality. Every custodian has treated their Jubilant creation individually and the public react with Joy.

That must be why they are called the Morris J van! J for JOY!
Peter Bateman. Sydney January 28, 2015

2015 Australia Day Carnivale: J-type display 5











Australia Day Update

The gathering has started for Monday’s Australia Day J-type get-together. Will Hughes and his van have arrived in Sydney for the CARnivale display. His van was given a traditional “Welcome to Syd’sKnee” by JB 41717 and escorted up King Street Newtown.

More to follow…

Australia-day-2015-1 Upholsterer-in-Sydney

Australian Update…

From the Antipodes come more news of J type vans. Whilst some may have been following the eBay trading of four Oz vans, the Australian Kustom Nationals was held at the Phillip Island, Victoria,  last week-end.  J type lovers will be gladdened to hear the Laurie Bellette’s V8 J type picked up a Top 10 trophy. Laurie also had an opportunity to travel around the famed racing circuit and it is now believed he holds the lap record for a Morris J type on this race track.  He was also the first Morris J to cross the finish line.  Remember, Laurie drove the J from Sydney, a round trip of 2000 kilometres.  It is another milestone for this remarkable van.
Laurie Bellette's V8 J-type van
Laurie Bellette with trophyV8 J-type at Phillip IslandFour Morris J vans have changed hands in Australia in the last three weeks. All have gone to Victoria. The Register is endeavouring to keep in contact with each new custodian.
Australia Day is Monday January 26, 2015 and again there will be a display of Morris J types outside the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney at the annual CARnivale display. Come and say g’Day!
Peter Bateman
Sydney January 2015

J-type poster…

Really surprised that nobody has emailed to say that this has been positioned by the M6, apparently for a few months now! The J-type is one of three images that constantly scroll through, the other two being a telephone box and a plate of fish and chips by the seaside. We don’t actually know what the message of the advert is!


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