Advance Notice: J-get-together October 3rd, 2015

J type NEWS for Sydney Australia.

A gathering of J-types: October 3rd, 2015, 11.00 – 16.00 hours

Venue – Doyles on the Beach car park. Cliff Street, Watsons Bay Sydney Australia.

A JuBilation of J type vans will assemble at Doyles on the Beach, Watsons Bay, Sydney on Saturday October 3rd, 2015.
All welcome. Bring yourself. Bring your van. Bring your friends. Parking available for trailers.
The Sydney get-together in 2013

The Sydney get-together in 2013

Goodwood Revival 2015

Yet another fantastic Revival has been and gone!



The Revival’s High Street was a little bit of ‘J-type Heaven’ with three vans on display, LVJ 61, JSK 870 and 5003 NX, and a fourth – OBL 432 – on the Friday morning only. Unfortunately this timing conflicted with NX being required to help at the Haymarket ‘picnic’ in the Pre-’65 car park, so we were unable to photograph Roly’s contribution. Perhaps someone reading this could send one in to us. Spotted ‘around and about’ were 344 CNM and 221 EMF, whilst we were told that Austin 101 MSK 194 was in the car park on the Friday, too.

Check out this gallery of photos for some of the highlights, more will be added when and if time permits! Click on any image to see the full picture!