Kenyan J-type

This J-type was mentioned on Roland’s blog a couple of months ago, as being for sale in Kenya of all places. It has now arrived in the UK, and is a little gem. It is very complete and has no major rust issues, and also has a steel floor, common on exported vans but which was only fitted to very few early UK deliveries. Everything points to this being a 1951 van, but we don’t yet know whether it spent time in the UK before being exported to Nairobi. We only know of four older vans in the UK, three of which are ice cream vans and the other is a minibus.

Steve, its new owner does need 3 16″ wheels, as the van is sitting on one correct rim and three rims that look like 3-stud Citroen ones that have been drilled to take 5 studs. Might be ok on Kenyan roads… If you can help Steve in his search, contact him on 07973 405 119.

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1960 Morris J/B ROYAL MAIL van for sale


Morris J/B ROYAL MAIL van. The current owner, Barry James, is putting this ex-Colin Ellis van up for sale. The condition of the van can be seen in the attached photos, some TLC/restoration is required.
Whilst in Barry’s ownership it has had new king pins, rear axle brake cylinders, oil seals and brake shoes, plus new shock absorbers, brake master cylinder, petrol pump and carburettor.
Contact Barry on: 01242 820771