A restored van in Brazil

Thanks to an email from its owner, Edson Eduardo Neuwald, we have updated info on this van in Brazil. The van was for sale in Uruguay a few years ago, looking a little shabby but certainly restorable.

It has now gone from being probably the only surviving J-type van in South America, to being almost certainly the only J-type ice cream van in South America! Either way, it’s still the 8th oldest surviving van.

In our archives there is a photo of a fleet of J-types and PVs which were in the service of the Columbian Post Office, so we do know that Js were exported to South America, but in what quantities we will never know.

Edson has sent the Register a little of the recent history of the van along with some photographs, which will provide a welcome article for the next issue of the Review, No. 44.


An early J-type that surfaced in Uruguay recently