Ken Cooke, RIP

It is with great sadness that we report that Ken Cooke, a long-time Register member, passed away on the 7th April after a long illness.

Ken was passionate about all things J. The fount of all knowledge regarding the J-type and its Austin 101 variants, he was always happy to pass on this expertise, acquired down the years, to any owner or enthusiast.

His favourite van was undoubtedly XRH 885, the Austin 101 that he had owned for 56 years. Fellow owners and enthusiasts got together with Ken to celebrate the 50 year-milestone at Gaydon in 2014.

Ken kept XRH in immaculate condition and attended many Register get-togethers in it.

He will be sorely missed on the Rally scene.

We send condolences to his son Kevin and daughter Debbie. Debbie has vowed that the 101 will remain in her possession, and that it will be seen at rallies as and when possible.

One of life’s true gentlemen, Ken will be mourned and missed by all who knew him.

Ken and his van featured in the  book, ‘The J-type’ by David Allison and Harvey Pitcher, and was a regular sighting on the TV series Heartbeat.

Ken and his daughter Debbie with presentation plaque

XRH 885 information board