How to get to the 65th!


Supporting the 65th!

Register stalwart Roland Turner has sent in this photo of his van, OBL 432, emblazoned with a giant print of the 65th Anniversary poster! Looks fab Roly, well done.

Morris j/B van OBL 432 with J-type Register 65th Anniversary poster

Morris J/B van OBL 432 with J-type Register 65th Anniversary poster

Cute ice cream van watercolours!

A few days ago, Register member James Hewett sent in a greetings card new to me, by well-known designer and illustrator Emma Ball. It is a lovely addition to any collection of J-type ephemera!

Emma has a website at where I found another card with a similar drawing on it and also a 2012 Calendar. Since the calendar was for sale at a reduced price I ordered one, and the other card. The items turned up a couple of days later, beautifully packaged in a carton that made it impossible for the postman to bend; neatly wrapped in tissue paper were the items themselves. I was so impressed.

Let’s hope Emma adds more J-type designs into her range.

Season’s Greetings from J-type HQ

To J-type owners and enthusiasts everywhere. All the very best for 2012!

Nostalgic Greetings…

I don’t know how long this has been available, it’s the first time I’ve seen it for sale anywhere – on Ebay, where else!

A very busy ’60s street scene with J-type in the foreground.