The British Standards for colours are the standard colours in the United Kingdom, which is incorporated under a Royal Charter (National Standards Body). The standard colours are used in identification, coding and other special purposes for building and decorative paints. The most used British Standards  for  colours  are BS381C,  BS2660, BS5252 and BS4800.


Colours that we have seen quoted for matches to what the J-type was originally painted in appear on BS381C. We have no way of verifying these colours, owners must decide for themselves whether to use them when completing a restoration.


The earliest J-type brochures show the J as being available in blue, green or red with black wings.

BS 381C 107 Strong Blue

BS 381C 221 Brilliant Green

BS 381C 539 Current Red

BS 381C 642 Night (black)

BS 381C 384 Light Straw (interior colour)


Post Office Telephones Mid Bronze Green: BS 381C 223

Post Office Red: BS 381C 538 (note that this does differ from the Standard Red quoted as being the correct match for Morris~Commercial’s own paint use)


Whilst stripping WBK 390 many years ago I came across an area of original paint, which from memory matched Mid Brunswick Green BS 381C 226. WBK 390 was originally registered to  The Portsmouth Electricity Board.