BHE.18M: A Morris J/B in Australia, currently for sale on ebay Australia – 19.10.11

The ebay advert states: I have finally decided to sell my 1950 Morris J Van. It has been a great car and fantastic advertising for my business.

It is fully registered til September 2012. (not club rego) It starts every time first even if it’s been sitting for a few weeks.
Despite it’s rough look it is very straight and would paint up well.
Every time i park it outside my shop i get ten  people asking about it and wanting to talk about it. The J Van is a real crowd puller.
All the mechanical work has been done locally by qualified mechanics, brake specialist, auto electricians and engineers.
It has had new wiring, new brakes (complete overhaul), steering and suspension, exhaust system, new upholstery. lots of work. lots and lots.
the fuel lines and tank were removed and overhauled or repaired. floor was repaired and or replaced where needed. new battery.
Must be paid for immediately and collected in Kyogle or I will arrange transport at your expense.

All these years i thought it was a 1950 J van but after looking at the chassis number i think it is probably a JB from 1957 onward.

I am no mechanic as you can tell .. so look at the photos and let me know.
It does have the 4 speed gearbox of the JB van. anyhow to me they are all the same J Vans (certainly they look the same.)

(it’s registered as a 1950 Morris J van)

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