Who would have guessed that Corgi, when they brought out their model of the ‘J’ type in the early ‘90s, would end up doing so many different versions of it. This list shows 35 different liveries ranging from the accurate to the just plain absurd!

D983/2  ‘Royal Mail’ “ER” – red body with black roof and wings, no silver paint to simulate chrome on the grille detail.

D983/1  ‘Post Office Telephones’ (modelled on Chris Bowkett’s RGK 633) – mid bronze green body with black wings and incorrect grey roof.

99140  ‘Post Office Telephones’ (RGK 633 again, but with some attempts to correct previous inaccuracies) – mid bronze green body (and roof) with black wings and wheels + printed posterboards.

97735   ‘Cumberland Pencil Co’  (part of Cumbrian set, with Bedford box van) – red body, cream detail with black wings and wheels. (NRM 284, a good attempt at a genuine livery let down by the aforementioned problems with wheels and ‘suspension’)

97200  ‘BRS Parcels Services’ (part of set exclusive to Kay’s catalogue) – green body with black roof and wings – another genuine livery.

96891  ‘Morris Service’  (Edwin Morgan’s OAD 41) – cream upper body, dark blue lower body and wings (which should be black!)

06204  ‘RAC Sign Service’ – mid blue body with black wings. Silver paint has been applied in an attempt to  replicate hubcaps on black wheels. A genuine livery, the real version of this model is in the RAC Heritage fleet.

D983/5 (re-run with code 98101) ‘Walls Ice Cream’ – cream upper body, light blue lower body with black wings. We have many photographs of Walls delivery vans at work in the ‘50s

96888  ‘Southdown’ – green body and wheels, with black wings + 2 unpainted figures. Again, a correct livery for a van belonging to the Southdown service fleet.

D46/1  ‘British Railways’  (part of set with Bedford box van) maroon body and wings with black roof.

D983/4  ‘Metropolitan Police’  – dark blue body with black wings and roof.

96880 (re-run with code no. 99802) ‘Pickfords’ – dark blue body and  wings with white signwriting.

31002  ‘National Benzole’  (part of set with Foden FG Tanker) – yellow body with black wings. Silver painted hubcaps on black wheels.

97695  ‘BMC Competitions Department’ (part of Abingdon set, with 2 MGAs) British racing green with black wings and roof, but a totally spurious livery. The lettering running across the doors and onto the side panel would have a 1950s signwriter weeping… How daft would it look with the door open!

96895  ‘Birmingham Corporation Transport’  cream upper/dark blue lower body with sand colour roof and black wings. A number of the these went out with the words ‘Genetal Manager’ rather than ‘General Manager’ as part of the small lettering on the lower body sides. These are much sought after by collectors. Again, the lettering would not have been placed in such a ridiculous position on the real van. An incorrect interpretation of the livery on vehicles in the Birmingham Corporation Transport fleet, which were all-over dark blue, unlike the Corgi model which transposes a bus livery onto the van. To be correct in Birmingham Corporation livery this should be a Morris~Commercial PV, not a J-type.

D54/1  ‘Electricity’ (part of  gift set with CA, Minor and Ford 5cwt, exclusive to GUS catalogue) – grey body with black roof and wings.

97746  ‘Corgi’ (part of Toymaster set, paired with Bedford CA) – mid blue body and wings, red lettering and logo.

96886  ‘Family Assurance’ – cream upper body, brick red lower body and wings.

97765  ‘W Forbes’ (part of Strathblair set, with Bedford OB coach) – blue body  with black wings.

08007  ‘Cadbury’s Cocoa’ (part of set, with Bedford CA) – dark red body and wheels, with black wings.

06205  ‘Royal Worcester’ – green body,  cream roof and wings with black wheels with silver painted centres.

97714  ‘Royal Air Force’ (part of RAF set) – white upper body and wings, light blue/grey lower body with black wheels.

06201  ‘Cydrax’ – apple green body and wheels, black wings.

96892  ‘Bovril’ – warm red body with black wings.

06202  ‘Beefy Oxo’  – blue body and wheels with black wings.

D983/3  ‘Corgi Collectors Club 1991’ (only available to club members) – yellow upper body, blue lower body and roof with black wings.

CC06202  Nottingham City Ambulance Service – cream with green wheels and waistline stripe

Recently, Corgi have resurrected the tooling and brought out a ‘Kenwood’ J-type (available only as a Kenwood promotion) and a Truman’s Beers J-type, both  based on genuine period liveries.

LP 06528 ‘Kenwood’ 5,000 pieces for a corporate giveaway.

VA10901 ‘Truman’s Bottled Beers’

Along the way Corgi also created a number of ‘Comic Strip’ inspired liveries, which I never felt were worth collecting. For reference, they were

96887  ‘The Topper

98758  ‘The Wizard

5D983/7  ‘Minnie the Minx

98759/B  ‘The Dandy/Korky the Cat

98660/B  ‘The Beano/Beryl the Peril

98970/B  ‘The X-Men’  (part of set 98970)

98972/B  ‘Spiderman

Apart from the above there are also

96882 ‘Royal Mail’ G”R
POV 21 ‘Royal Mail’ G”R
which are variations on previous liveries.

Brian Jackson, an avid collector in Australia has kindly added the following to the list:

D47/1 J Van and AEC double Decker Bus
06203 Royal Mail
96893 Royal Mail
96845 Corgi Collector’s Club
81357 Beano Comic set

Many thanks Brian.