Various models of the J have appeared over the years. Dinky made a very nice diecast 1:48 scale model in two liveries, whilst Minic made a rather poor and strangely proportioned model of the van and a very nicely detailed model of the Macleans coachbuilt J-type, also approximately 1:48 in scale.

Dinky 260   ‘Royal Mail’  – red body, wings and wheels (at least two versions, sometimes with black roof).

Dinky 299 The ‘Royal Mail’ van was also available in a gift set with a ‘Post Office Telephones’ Z van, along with Telephone box, messenger and postman.

Dinky 465  ‘Capstan’ – light blue upper body and front wings, dark blue lower body, grille panel and rear wings plus mid blue wheels.

Triang Minic plastic model – available as ‘Royal Mail’ (red),  ‘Post Office Telephones’ (green), ‘Minic Transport’ (red) and in a light blue/grey possibly without signwriting.