76MJ001: Facchino’s Ices ice cream van, YHT 511

76MJ002: Ministry of Food minibus, LYM 295

76MJ003: Rossi’s ice cream van, YHT 511

76MJ004: Royal Mail, MLH 592

76MJ005: Post Office Telephones Planning van

76MJ006: Carters Steam Fair ice cream van

76MJ007: Tonibell ice cream van, 854 EMG

76MJ008: Southdown

76MJ009: Devon General van

76MJ010: British Rail in green, SXY 513

76MJ011: D Di Mascio’s ice cream van, WHP 881


Released under the Dublo Diecast brand but obviously made from the Oxford Diecast tooling is a plain grey J-type with a dark grey roof and with no signwritingh/livery