The chassis plate that is on this van indicates that this is a contender for the ‘oldest surviving van’ title currently held by Tony Clipstone’s beauty. It will, however, take some verification. From the photos we can glean:

Early engine cover is a good sign, it can be seen in the back of the van. Round sidelights. It looks like the shock mountings are later. The front panel fitted in one shot obviously carries witness of a later Morris badge, not in itself much of an indication of age as they’re so easy to swap. This van also has the later chrome petrol cap rather than the screw-on brass one (which the Clipstone van has…)

I think we need the new owners to do the glass test on as many pieces as survive on the van. Locate the Triplex Toughened Glass logo etched into the surface of each piece (if original). Look for a dot below one of the letters in the word TOUGHENED. Original glass from 1949 should have a dot below the letter D. It’s not foolproof, but a good indication if all logos on a van are found and compared.

The Nuffield body number plate seems to be there, which may well help too.
One possibility is that the van may have been in an accident and had repair work carried out that used updated components. Even if the Clipstone van loses its ‘oldest’ claim, we’re sure it’ll be a while before it loses its claim to be the ‘oldest running van’…
We are told that the van’s owners will restore the van with a respect for its history. Great to hear!
More details to follow.