This van was originally an ambulance. It is currently undergoing restoration.

Norway J-type ambulanceThe van is the last one remaining of the 8 or 11 sold new in Norway. It was delivered to the local hospital in 1952 as an ambulance/hearse/car for the doctor to do home visits. It has two bench seats in the back that fold up to the sides when not required.
It was in use until the mid ’60s and then taken out of service. It sat in the hospital garage until about 1970 when it was decided to scrap it, here local they took the cars with the ferry and dumped them in the Fjord. My grandad worked as a janitor at the hospital and decided to take the car home. So it was standing outdoors from 1970-1984 when it was put inside and dismantled for restoration. The process stopped and it was just sitting there until May 2010 when restarted, and was finished in August 2010. But it still took 4 years before its first drive. So 2014 it was on the road for the first time with registration plates since the mid ’60s.
The van has never left the town border after it got here and has only run 30 000 km.
The one black and White photo of it is from around 1960.

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