From Peter Bateman:
Progress is dedicated and thorough with J/R 4875.  The custodian, Michael Freeman, has found many helpful folk near to his workshop to make new bits.  Latest is his very accurate remaking of the original steel floor.  The original panels, whilst in ‘serviceable but needy’ condition were remade and now are just like they should be. When Michael purchased the van a great deal of work had been done on the chassis and engine by the previous custodian some years ago.  Michael has found that ‘playing around’ with the so called running chassis does have it’s merits!  There were leaks in the fuel tank and carby!  No longer though as fuel tank was easily removed, repaired and given a very good chemical seal.  The carby just needed a little TLC.
It is great to see another lover of the mighty J take so much care in restoring 4875 to it’s former glory.
The pile of bits is a snap of the old floor (owners and enthusiasts in the UK will not have seen metal floor panels before!). The front shot shows the “new” grille which Michael got from Charles Williams (who restored J/R 1102 and J/R 8402) the third snap is the underside of one of the floor pieces.  Then the handsome one is Michael Freeman and the bits in situ.