Meanwhile in Australia…

There was a HISTORIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SHOW here in Melbourne Australia 18.11.12 (An annual event)
We managed to get 7 Vans to the show – not a bad effort ( 2 on trailers and 5 roadworthy and driven).

John Brooksmith


Front view, Far left to Right

Nick Fuller                   Dark Green, A J with a J/B Engine

John Heir                    Black primer (he borrowed our J/B grill for one picture). He has a roller door at the rear

John Brooksmith       Blue ( We have a J/B grill and a 101 grill but it is registered as a J/B because my initials are JB)   Now registered as 07450H

Mike                          Red and White, MCJTV

Paul Howell                 Green J/B with a black J Grill (Ex New Zealand Van)

Sandy Payet                Predominantly off white (to be resprayed)

Andrew Trollope          Biscuit colour. He is only the second owner of the van and it is concourse.