An unusual sighting in Sydney’s Inner West this afternoon when three working Morris JB vans passed each other in a carpark. The two Pipe Perfection Plumbing vans and Peter Bateman’s Mr C had to stop for a ‘photo op’ to prove their existance.

Following the Morris 100 celebrations in Canberra there is to be a 65th photograph taken in Melbourne on April 27th and shortly after Peter Bateman is planning a Sydney J van photograph. Any J type owner willing to take part please contact PB at
Peter Bateman Sydney Australia

Bateman van plus two Pipe Perfection vans

Is this a van from ‘down under’? The Hidden Valley Ranch J-van is appearing in commercials in Canada, and we believe, other countries too. The Register has no idea whose van this is or who owns it. Contact us if you are reading this and know anything about it, please. We’d love to know if it is a van new to the Register.

Hidden Valley Morris J van