Pippy & Mr C ‘do’ Canberra


I felt it would be letting J types down if I did not make a little effort to display a Morris J type van at Australia’s official commemoration of the 100 years of Morris celebrations, so I arranged for JB 41717 (Mr C) to have a little drive to Canberra with JB 43570 (Pippy). Only a short drive, mind you. Peter Page can keep those long haul feats to the Englanders! We just had a jaunt. The round trip a mere 600K’s (Imperially only 375 miles), no problems!

Well, 147+ decibels from the B series donk in the cabin? I no longer have hearing…. not a problem! A B-series engine or two which perspired oil from every pore with gusto. Nah!, no problem there, Mr Castrol still makes a good drop. Or, even after stopping for a photo op, Mr C’s starter motor failed permanently. No problem, simply stop on inclines. That’s easy and perfect strangers LOVE to push J type vans.

The Clancy family were a tower of strength in providing a support vehicle so we could drive the JB’s at 40MPH on the freeway. Although we did get many thumbs up signs it was almost a disappointment when someone wizzed by and failed to notice our convoy. On our return journey we left the highway and found a very quiet road. So quiet it was a proper Oz thoroughfare, DIRT with strafing DUST behind our tails ! Now I’ll have to wash the grime off Mr C. Quelle Horror! And to top off a good story was the thrill of being able to brag “We were overtaken by a McLaren MP4-12C!”

What fun, but I have not asked the Clancy’s if they want to do another trip soon. I might leave that till next month.

Peter Bateman, Sydney April 22, 2013

Peter also sends this link: https://www.facebook.com/thegoodeggstudio